A logo is an essential part of any business or brand's identity.  It's the first thing a customer will see.  You should create a visual symbol that customers will remember and can distinctly identify you from your competitors.  Standing out and being easily recognizable is the first step to building a brand.
We offer design expertise, in many instances for free if a significant order is placed for apparel.  If it is a more complex design that required an extensive amount of time we will work with you on a reasonable price.  We generally charge $65 hr.  for art that requires a significant amount of work.  However art is always negotiable with complexity and orders taken into consideration.  You are also welcome to have someone else do the art and send it to us in acceptable formats.  (.ai, .eps, .svg, and pdf files created in illustrator is preferred)  PSD, TIFF and even JPEG are acceptable for some artwork so long as it is saved at the size you want it to be printed at.  For instance, if you want a 12"x12" printed image on a t-shirt it must be saved at least 12"x12".   If it is saved in a smaller size it will be blurred as it is enlarged.


Most common problems with art to be printed on apparel

1. Too small of a file

Basics of creating and saving art for printable purposes should be considered before you even begin.  Remember vector formats are always preferred.  But if you are not familiar with a program capable of creating vector images the following are very important.

  • Start with a big enough canvas.      Start with a bigger canvas than you think you will need.  Remember that art can always be shrunk without losing resolution.  Enlarging an image on the other hand will cause it to become blurred.  Also take into consideration that the size of the canvas is not the same as the art within it.  For instance the image to the right is only 8" wide even though the canvas is 10.25".  If your program asks for the width and height to be entered as pixels per inch below is a conversion chart for your reference.
  • Your resolution must be set and saved to at least 300 ppi.

2. Not taking into consideration what is to be printed on

Many times when designing something on a plain white canvas an image will look great on a light colored shirt with black ink.  But when you put it on a darker shirt with light colored ink the image looks like an x-ray or photo negative.  To fix this problem the image can many times be inverted and an outline added to look correct.  We can help with this if need be.  But it may be an additional charge for a more complex image.

Black on White

Same Art w/ White Ink

Properly modified Art

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